what a fab start to his show career


1st B.O.B B.P Group 4 

Thanks to the judge Mr P Reynolds

Leeds Ch Show 26/7/2013 2nd M.P.D Thanks to the judge Ms Macnamara

 S.K.C 24/8/2013  P.D Reserve Thanks to judge Mrs S Howard

Darlington Ch Show 14/9/13

M.P.D 3rd Thanks to the judge Mrs M Harding CRUFTS qualified .


Driffield Ch Show 19/9/2013   2nd M.P.D Thanks to the judge Mr G Drummond

Critique : McMunn Goodbull Jibber Jabber  Brindle dog , nice head , good mouth , and good rib , moved well at rear . GORDON DRUMMOND .

Midland & Northern Counties Ch Show 29/9/2013 2nd M.P.D Thanks to the judge Mrs I Tribbeck

Critique :

(2ND) McMUNN – GOODBULL JABBER JIBBER 7 Months BRINDLE – Dark eyes, compact body a little longer than ( 1). Coat in good condition, nice square head with straight front, moves well.  Mrs I Tribbeck .











LKA  CH  Show      14/12/2013

1st Puppy Dog

Thanks to the judge Mr C Thomas

Critique :


1st:  MCMUNN’S Goodbull Jibber Jabber. Brindle. Strong head which is well balanced with lovely width between dark correctly shaped eyes. Good spread to the foreface with ample fill under the eyes and nose set correctly between. Good width of front although he just needs to drop a little more in chest and brisket as he matures. Good neck into a pleasing top line and well angulated hindquarter. A low set tail gives a lovely rounded finish to the rump.

Chris Thomas.


Darlington District 1/2/2014

1st French Bulldog Open

Best of Breed

Thanks to the judge Mrs S Metcalfe-Bilgin

Spennymoor & District16/2/2014

1st French Bulldog Open

Best of Breed 

Thanks to the judge Mr D Mathews.

Billingham Synthonia 23/2/14

1st French Bulldog Open

Best of Breed

Thank to the judge Mrs C Chapman.


Saltburn & District 23/3/14

1st French Bulldog Open B.O.B

Thanks to the judge  Mr M Cocozza .

Newton Aycliffe 16/3/14

1st French Bulldog Open


Thanks to the judge Mrs Irene Stansfield . Reserve Best of Breed .

O 1 McMunn’s Goodbull Jibber Jabber, 15 months dark brindle boy, lovely headpiece with dark expressive eyes & open nostrils, straight front with good rib & tuck-up, small tail & good rear angulation. Another quality dog, but he did not wish to cooperate with his handler today;

Judge Mrs Irene Stansfield .

Sunderland & District 20/4/14

1st French Bulldog Open

Best of Breed


Thanks to the judge Mrs Sue Garner .

Cleveland Dog 13/4/14

1st French Bulldog Open

Best of Breed Group 4

Thanks to the judge Mr Stephen Bardwell


Young dog with nice substance and bone , well developing rib and brisket , muscular hindquarters and good straight legs in front , Large square head with good width of muzzle , pleasing eye and well set , rounded parallel ears , Moved Strongly.

 B.O.B and group  4 .


S.K.C. 18/5/14 Ch show

French Bulldog Post Graduate 3rd

 Qualified for Crufts 2015

Thanks to the judge Mr M.Gordon

Ripon & District 1/6/14

French Bulldog Open 1st Best of Breed

Critique: Goodbull Jibber Jabber Pleasing jaw Good ribbing. Decently balanced in angulation and nice feet Moved very well. B.O.B.

thanks to the judge Mrs P Wells

South West Durham 8/6/14

French Bulldog Open 1st

Best of Breed Group 4

Critique : Goodbull Jibber Jabber Mature brindle boy with a pleasing masculine head and good ear set,  Good body with roach Moved well coming and going Lovely character .

Thanks to the judge Miss V Cox

Windsor Ch show

2nd Yearling Dog

Good looking brindle with dark well set eyes & nice shapely head Nicely put together & moved accordingly .


Thanks to the judge Mr J Peach

East of England Ch Show

VHC Post grad

Thanks to the judge Mrs Lilian Poulson.

Border Union Ch Show

3rd Post grad

Thanks to the judge Mr C Reed.

Seaham 13/5/14

1st French Bulldog Open

Critique :

Goodbull Jibber Jabber . Very masculine head , correct bite , A sturdy and compact build , free flowing movement powered by good strong hindquarters . Lovely dog in general . B.O.B

Thank to the judge Charley Donaldson .

Goodbull Jibber Jabber JW

Well done we have received conformation from the Kennel Club his Junior Warrant and Stud Book number.


Sedgefield 9/8/14

1st French Bulldog Open B.O.B.


Goodbull Jibber Jabber Masculine head with lovely dark eye , and good ear set . Powerful neck set onto correct shoulders ,well sprung ribs , correct topline , well muscled quarters , Moved ok . B.O.B. Thanks to the judge Paul Singer.

Sunderland & DCS  30/11/14

Goodbull Jibber Jabber French Bulldog Open 22 month brindle boy, lovely square head, with a broad muzzle set well back , Cheeks well developed , good stop , dark round eyes , Bat ears of good size with nice round tips , Enough neck in to muscular front , short legs, well ribbed , nice rise over loins , Muscular rear providing the engine to his free flowing movement . Thanks to the judge  Mrs D Whincup

Gateshead feb 2015

Goodbull Jibber Jabber brindle male with a strong head and typical bat ears, good depth of chest, sturdy body with arch over loin, sound mover B.O.B

Thanks to the judge Mrs P. Gent

S.K.C 24/8/15

Goodbull Jibber Jabber super head & expression , stylish on the move , heavy bone , well balanced head with well placed ears , fine texture coat , not as compact as 1 feet and pastern could be better .

Thanks to the judge Mr Bert  Easdon.

Newton Aycliffe

R.B.O.B Goodbull Jibber Jabber JW brindle boy 26 months Good head dark eye super detention short cobby body neat roach good front and depth of chest plenty of bone moved well.

Judge Dawn Laws DEWLAWS.

.Darlington DCS Open Show 

 French Bulldog Open 1 McMunn & Griffiths’ Goodbull Jibber Jabber, brindle male lovely broad masculine head, correct mouth, well padded muzzle large open nostrils, deep stop & clean skull. Ears carried well to show alert expression, strong arched neck & correct front ensemble, upright pasterns & tight feet, deep chest well sprung ribs & short loin. Muscular rear quarters showing good second thigh. Moved well & presented in good condition;

Thanks to the Judge Mr M Gordon Rustibee.

Birtley & district 3/4/16

Goodbull Jibber Jabber JW 3 year old brindle dog with a nice square head with a well defined stop  Correct black pigment, round eye , and good bat ears , undershot with good detention well arch neck set on a cobby muscular body well let down hocks and strong hindquarters excellent movement . B.O.B.

Judoge William Gregory.

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