Goodbull Rita Ora Well done Rita on Gaining your Junior Warrant.

Sheffield & Leodisian Bulldog Club Champ Show

1st Post Graduate Bitch

PGB 21 (15, 6 abs)
1st McNunn & Griffiths Goodbull Rita Ora r/w of quality type, with a classic brick shaped skull and good turn of underjaw. Good, strong well developed front, chest and rib. Nice overall outline and body proportions, in fit condition. Moved out well for the handler.

Thanks to the Judge Sally Tearle

East of England Ch Show 10/7/16
Post Graduate Bitch 1st Rita Ora
Reseve Best Bitch
Critique : Good layback and well placed nose and layback . Ok for topline and body shape , A little masculine in outlook R.B.B.
judge Hazel Fitzgibbon .

Ripon & District 5/6/16
Goodbull Rita Ora Bulldog Open
Red / White bitch not long out of puppy broad powerful and compact. Large head and well developed cheeks , defined stop with eyes in line , short muzzle , thick strong neck into shoulders round deep brisket stout strong bone to forelegs giving typical appearance of stuck on . She won this class on the move with short quick steps B.O.B
Thanks to the judge Janet Kay

Yorkshire Bulldog Club

Goodbull Rita Ora

Critique : /McMunn /Griffiths Goodbull Rita Ora , red/white girl of substance and wonderful shape and size, unlucky to come up,against the maturity and quality of one but at 14 moths she has time and has everything there to mature herself, lovely head and expression, strong front , straight and deep , moved well just needs to tighten up in great condition .


thanks to the judge Jessica Reynolds

Critique: Bulldog Post Graduate 1st Goodbull Rita Ora R/W Good width of jaw , dark eye , wide nostrils and well set ears giving a good overall head and expression . Square ...in front with good bone , tight feet and good brisket , Good topline and correctly set tail moved well
Thanks to the judge Sharon Evieson

Hartlepool & District C/A 1/5/16...
Bulldog Open 1st Goodbull Rita Ora
Critique: Another youngster that put on a good show , large head with well placed ears and carried ears , Strong over the neck and shoulders , presented in good condition . Moved out ok and back B.O.B and B.P

Goodbull Rita Ora

2nd Bulldog graduate ...
Critique : Red & white 13 month old Bitch. A neat head with dark clear eyes & neat rose ears. Good width of underjaw. Nice front with plenty of bone. Moved and handled well.

Thanks to the Judge Mark McCormick

L.K.A. December 2015

3rd Puppy Bitch

17 entries Qualified for Crufts 2016

Manchester CH show Jan 2016

4th Bulldog Puppy Bitch Judge Mrs M Wildman (Wildax)

Boston Ch Show Jan 2016

1st Bulldog Puppy Bitch Best Puppy in breed

1st  McMunn & Griffiths?s Goodbull Rita Ora Red/White 8 months old strong head good width and length, correct placement and shape of ears, clear dark eyes, open nostrils, good width and fit of jaw, straight bone to neat feet, good brisket and rib, correct topline leading to well set healthy tail, moved well BPIB. 

Thanks to the Judge Mr Stuart Lowthian  (Tynemite)

Darlington open show 6/2/16

Critique : O (3,2) 1 BOB, BP, McMunn & Griffiths? Goodbull Rita Ora, young bitch of moderate size & balance, feminine head of correct type with plenty of work in it, well padded muzzle with good fill under the eyes, wide dark nostrils, well shaped & placed dark eyes, defined stop, ear size & carriage correct & used very well to show alertness. Cleanthick neck to well laid & sound shoulder placement & strong straight front, deep chest to well sprung ribs, short broad muscled loin. Correct roach to muscular rear quarters showing good second thigh & well let down hocks. Solid movement with good reach around the ring showing power & grace. Well handled.

Thanks to the judge Mr M Gordon Rustibee.

Jarrow & Hebburn 14/2/16

1st Bulldog

Best of Breed

Best Puppy

Thanks to the judge Mr D Morrison

Manchester Counties Bulldog Club Champ show 21/2/16

2nd Puppy bitch

Critique : 2 McMumunn Griffiths? Goodbull Rita Ora, r/w 9 months. Good type with head properties. Flat skull, eyes, ears. Liked the layback. Straight front with good bone & body, moved well;

Thanks to the Judge Mr Brian Taylor

Billingham Synthonia 28/2/16

2nd Bulldog Junior

Best Puppy in breed


2. 153 Mc Munn / Griffiths, Goodbull Rita Ora. Red & white female of nine months, another lovely female, slightly longer in body than No. 1. Nice head with depth and well padded foreface. True wide jaw, dark round eyes and black nose with wide nostrils. Good length of neck, straight bone and tacked on shoulders. Nice spring of rib and topline, leading to a free moving tail. Well angulated hindquarters and moved well. Best Puppy.

Thanks to the Judge Vicky Eaton (Ricatori)

Gateshead Metropolitan 6/3/16

1st Bulldog Graduate

Best of Breed Best Puppy

Under judge Hildeward Hoenderken (House of Orange)

Then Whoop Whoop

Group1 Puppy Group1

Under judge Mr Peter Van Baaren-Grob (Chinary)

Thanks so much to the judges for thinking so highly of Rita

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